Beauty Services


    Hair styles

    Whether your signature style is romantic, sexy, flowing, chic, modern, wavy, textured, beachy, soft, glamorous, or flirty, we will work with you to make it a reality on your wedding day. Updos, half-up styles, down styles, we have the know-how to create any variation. And our artists can bring fashion-forward thinking to the creation of your look.


    Hair extensions

    We specialize in hair extensions, which are a great option for boosting the length or fullness of your hair, especially if you’re worried about it holding its style all through your wedding day. Your own hair may fall, but the extensions won’t. We offer two options:

  • Seamless extensions last for more than a month, from your wedding rehearsal right through your honeymoon, and you won’t even feel them.
  • Clip-on extensions are available for purchase for your rehearsal and wedding day. If you purchase them, we will train you to attach them so you can wear them to other special events.


    Whether you choose airbrush or traditional makeup, Naples Bridal Beauty’s artists will create a gorgeous look that lasts all through your wedding day and night.

  • Airbrush makeup: Airbrush makeup guarantees you’ll look flawless, because it veils imperfections while allowing the skin’s beauty to shine through. It is terrific for covering scars, tattoos, redness, or uneven skin tone and texture, and is ideal for brides with rosacea, blemishes, very oily skin, or hyperpigmentation. As it is waterproof, you need never worry about tears, humidity, or perspiration. We use only the high-quality Temptu and Kett brands.
  • Traditional makeup: Your artist will use the highest-quality products to ensure you have radiant skin all day long. We customize a formula for you, using a powder or cream foundation or a tinted moisturizer, and create full-coverage makeup that feels light and looks perfect. Our experts’ makeup kits include recognizable names like Nars, Stila, Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and Giorgio Armani – and we have some secret favorites to share with you too.
  • Lashes: Because long lashes can add the final touch to a bridal makeup look, we will enhance your natural lashes for no extra charge. Depending on your signature look, we can apply individual lashes or a full strip of temporary lashes.

    Salon services

    Naples Bridal Beauty is based at our studio Vogue Hair Design where we offer all types of hair services. It is important to nourish and maintain your hair in the lead-up to your wedding day, so we offer a full range of services at our studio, with a few of our own extra touches:

  • hair cutting
  • hair straightening that gives you the sleek look you want
  • conditioning hair treatments, so your locks are luscious by the wedding day
  • hair-care products such as Oribe, Keune, Moroccanoil, and Kenra
  • blow-dry lessons and parties – bring along your bridesmaids and have a laugh and relax, while learning how to style your hair like a pro
  • makeup lessons – let our elite makeup artists show you step-by-step how to create stunning looks for different occasions

The Trial and Rehearsal



    Step into our salon and tell us about your wedding dress, your flowers and décor, and how you usually wear your hair and makeup for a special occasion. We will listen and guide you toward the style that suits you best.

    Your hair artist will create two signature looks for you, plus a third variation as another option. Then your makeup artist will explore options, starting out clean and natural then moving on to a more smoky and sultry style, so you can see a transition and decide on the perfect look.

    Throughout the trial, your artists will take detailed notes and photos so that when your wedding day comes, they are fully prepared and ready to recreate the look.

    Because Laura wants to make sure you find your ultimate bridal look, you are always welcome to call her for advice on how to get the most from your trial. If you’re trialing both hair and makeup, allow 2½ hours.


    We travel widely to destination weddings, but if you can’t bring us to your location, we offer another solution: the demo. Come in and visit our Naples studio, and we will create the hair and makeup look that you want for your wedding day. We will take a series of photographs covering every stage of the process, and we’ll write a highly detailed, step-by-step guide explaining the techniques and products we used to create your look. Then you can take this to your stylist to recreate the look on your wedding day.


    Why look gorgeous just on your wedding day? We can travel to you, or you can come to our salon. Bring along friends and family, sip champagne, make it a party.

    Your rehearsal day gives your artists a chance to get to know you even better and even try out a variation on your wedding-day look. Perhaps since your trial you’ve thought of another idea you’d like to test out. If you’re concerned the weather might affect your hair and makeup on the wedding day, your rehearsal is another chance for your artists to make sure you have an alternative look. Or maybe you always wondered about airbrush makeup—here’s your opportunity to try it.


The Wedding Day


    How we work

    Your artists will be booked exclusively for you. As their only bride that day, you will be exactly where you should be on your wedding day: the center of their attention.

    Your artists will travel to you, bringing all their professional hair and makeup equipment to your location. They will arrive fully prepared, having already reviewed the detailed notes they made and photographs they took during your trial.

    In advance, Laura will set up a wedding-day schedule for your team of artists to ensure you and everyone in your bridal party is ready in plenty of time for the ceremony. We believe that good preparation is the foundation for long-lasting hair and makeup, so we build extra time into the schedule. You won’t feel rushed, because with our system, the process is smooth and chaos free.

    By the time you step into your dress, you will be good to go, and so will we.

    Bridal party

    Your artists will work with you on the wedding day to create any look you want for your bridal party. Bring photos as inspiration, or let us do something original and beautiful that complements your look. If you have a big bridal party, we will bring along an additional stylist to make sure everything goes smoothly. So the mothers of the bride and groom feel special and look perfect on the day, we can be booked for their hair and makeup too.

Traveling To You


    We originate in Naples, Florida but if you are in Marco Island, Sanibel or Captiva, anywhere in SWFL, or are getting married on an island in the Caribbean, we can be there on your wedding day. We can travel to any destination. Travel fees may apply, we can let you know when you call for your free phone consultation.

    Naples and SWFL

    Our team routinely travels all over South West Florida. Minimal travel fees do apply.

    Other destinations

    Laura and her team are ready to style brides for destination weddings and no matter the destination, we can be there to create your perfect bridal look.

Bridal Hair Tips


    Laura’s top pieces of advice for ensuring you have beautiful hair and makeup on your wedding day.

  1. Show and tell 

    On the day of your hair trial, bring anything you think will help your stylist understand the looks you love or the style of your wedding. Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress at a fitting. Bring a swatch of fabric if you think that will help. Bring pictures of brides, celebrities, models, anyone whose look inspires you.
  2. Enhance your unique beauty

    When you’re finding pictures to show your stylist, try to find ones that don’t stray too far from your own look and style. If you are the kind of girl who loves having her hair down and flowing, maybe you don’t want to go for a sleek up-do and vice versa. I think it’s best to go with the look you normally go for when you dress up for an occasion, and then glam it up a notch for your wedding day..
  3. Be open

    Your hair trial gives you the chance to live with a look and discover whether you feel comfortable with it. If your hair artist suggests looks that you hadn’t considered before, don’t feel pressured to follow their advice, but while you have their expertise at your fingertips, you may as well give it your consideration.
  4. Accessorize 

    There are so many great hair accessories available now to add a gorgeous accent to your wedding hair. It will depend on the look you’re going for.
  5. Extend yourself

    Don’t shy away from having hair extensions for your wedding day; it’s way less of a drama than it may sound. And no one needs to know, it can be our secret! Extensions are great if you want a little more length or fullness, or if you or your artist is worried about your hair holding a particular style all through your wedding day. Even if your own hair falls, the extensions won’t. Ask me about the extensions service we offer at my studio Vogue Hair Design.
  6. Keep having regular haircuts

    At your trial, your artist can give you guidance on whether you need to grow your hair. If your hair is very long or unlayered, it can be difficult to manage and style, limiting the looks your artist can show you at your trial. Because Naples Bridal Beauty is based at my studio Vogue Hair Design, I can take care of your hair right up until your wedding day.
  7. But don’t get your hair cut just before the wedding!

    It’s better to be safe than sorry, so avoid having a cut too close to your wedding. Especially avoid a radical change of style.
  8. Look after those locks

    Pay special attention to hair care in the weeks before your trial and wedding, so that your hair is shiny and healthy. If you’re unsure of the best products for your hair type, consult with your stylist.
  9. Be product free on the day

    On your trial day and wedding day, have clean, dry hair. Wash your hair the evening before and avoid using a lot of conditioner especially a leave-in one. Stay away from silkening products that weigh your hair down and make it slippery to work with.
  10. Be flexible

    Say it rains or a wind suddenly springs up on your wedding day, and that down style you had your heart set on just isn’t working. Don’t worry. Last-minute changes can be okay, so long as you and your artist are prepared. When you come in to Naples Bridal Beauty for a trial, your artist will show you a couple of styles and variations so that you have options on the day.



    Our team of artists is thoroughly trained in advanced bridal hair styling and makeup techniques. We believe this process is based on an understanding of your needs. For the trial your hair artist will create two signature looks for you, plus a third variation as another option. Then your makeup artist will explore options, starting out clean and natural then moving on to a more smoky and sultry style, so you can see a transition and decide on the perfect look. Prices are subject to change. Please observe additional charges for long, thick hair as well as travel charges.

– Trial Run –

Bridal Hair Trial $120
Bridal Makeup Trial* $120
Bridal Airbrush Makeup Trial $165

– Rehearsal Dinner / Wedding Day –

Bridal Hair $150
Bridal Regular Makeup* $150
Bridal Airbrush Makeup* $200
Bridesmaids/Attendee Hair $100
Bridesmaids/Attendee Makeup* $100
Bridesmaids/Attendee Airbrush Makeup* $150
Flower Girl Hair (8yrs old and under) $50
Flower Girl Makeup (8yrs old and under) $50
Rehearsal Dinner Hair & Makeup $250
Day After Wedding Hair & Makeup $250
Both Days Hair & Makeup $450

– Extra Service Charges –

Extended stay for touch ups $75/hr
Extra long, extra thick hair + $20
Added extensions**/hair padding + $30

– Travel Menu –

Travel to Bonita/Estero $40/artist
Travel to Marco Island $50/artist
Travel to Fort Myers $50/artist
Travel to Captiva, Sanibel Area $60/artist
Travel to Miami $200/artist
Travel to Key West $300/artist
Travel to anywhere else per consultation
* Price includes eyelashes except for flower girls.
** Extensions provided by client.




We regularly answer the questions on brides’ minds.

If you have a query that I haven’t covered yet, please email us.

Q: Should I book a trial run and far in advance should I book?

A: A hair and make-up trial run is not mandatory but is highly recommended. A trial run is very important to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. It helps so that our artists have a clear image of what your vision is for your wedding hair and makeup. Most of our brides schedule their engagement photos on the same day as their trial run and this way you will have fabulous hair and make-up for that event as well. When you come for your trial, we encourage you to bring pictures of what you want your hair and makeup to look like, photos of your dress, veil, or anything else that you may feel is going to help us. Bookings usually start 6 to 8 months in advance. The sooner the better, to make sure we will be available for your wedding date. We also recommend that you make a booking for your rehearsal dinner, because it gives your artists a chance to get to know you even better and try any final variations that you might be considering for your wedding-day look.

Q: How long will my trial be?

A: On your trial day, you should allow 1 hour and 30 minutes each for hair styling and makeup. If you’re trialing both hair and makeup, be sure to allow 3 hours. Try to make it to your appointment with plenty of time to spare or even better, come early so you can settle in and unwind while having a glass of champagne! We want you to feel calm and relaxed and enjoy this part of your wedding preparations.

Q: Can I try different looks at my trial?

A: We encourage all our brides to experience several different looks. First we have a chat and get to know you and the style of your wedding, and then we create a few signature hair looks for you to choose from. We explore makeup looks, starting out clean and natural, and then move on to a more smoky and sultry style. That way you can see a transition and decide what works best for you always with the backup of our expert advice and support.

Q: Can you help me choose a bridal hair accessory?

A: We have a beautiful collection of clips, combs, pins, and brooches featuring Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, feathers, and fabric flowers. When you come in for your trial, your hair artist can show you the full range and then incorporate some into your trial hair looks. Once your artist has helped you to choose the perfect accessory to complement your wedding-day hair, you can purchase it at our salon.

Q: I barely wear makeup. Can you make sure I won’t feel “too made up”?

A: At your trial, our makeup artists will talk with you about what kind of makeup you’re used to wearing, so that we can create a look for you that won’t feel overdone. We also have products for women who don’t like to wear a lot on their skin, such as tinted moisturizers, which keep the skin feeling light and looking radiant. At your wedding, you will be dressed differently and more pictures will be taken of you than on any other day. We will give you makeup that suits those circumstances while making sure that you still feel and look like you.

Q: How do I know my hair and makeup will last throughout my Florida wedding?

A: Throughout time and experience, we have worked with brides and bridal parties and have been using special styling techniques and hair and make-up products that we tested and know for sure that it will last you the longest in our sunny, humid or windy Florida weather. If it’s the oil on your skin that usually causes makeup to wear off, we use primers that prevent the oil from mixing with your makeup. You also have the option of airbrush makeup, which has a longer-lasting wear, making it especially popular in the hot summer months. And whether the day is hot and humid, windy or rainy, we use the latest top hair products to ensure your hairstyle holds throughout the day and long into the night while looking totally natural.

Q: What brands of makeup do you use?

A: We are stocked with the latest and the greatest. You’ll recognize many of your favorite products in our makeup kits: Nars, Stila, Trish McEvoy, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and many more.

Q: What brands of hair products do you use?

A: We love the European line – Keune, used by many amazing celebrity artists. Our artists have many other favorite brands in their kits such as Oribe, Kenra, KMS and Moroccanoil.

Q: I have allergies to certain products. What do you suggest?

A: Bring in the products that you use at home and we can work with those to create a beautiful, professional look for your wedding day safe from any allergic reactions. Our artists are very knowledgeable about the latest and greatest products, so they can also suggest hypoallergenic lines you may wish to try.

Q: What about my bridal party?

A: We offer a special package for the members of your bridal party. Your artists will work with you on the wedding day to create any look you want for your bridal party. You are welcome to bring photos for us or let us do something original and beautiful that complements your look. And if you have a big bridal party, don’t stress: we will bring along additional stylists.

Q: Can your artists stay overtime on the wedding day?

A: On your wedding day, your team of artists will be booked for your wedding exclusively; they won’t be rushing off to anyone else’s wedding. So if you want your artists to stay after you get into your dress, we are happy to arrange that. We do need advance notice, and there will be a fee/hour/artist.

Q: Do you have any specials or discounts?

A: We have a special discount: when you come in for your trial, we will give you a 20% off a cut, color, and hair and makeup services for your rehearsal day and engagement photos.

Q: I need a haircut and color before my wedding. Can you also do that?

A: Absolutely! Naples Bridal Beauty is based at Vogue Hair Design which offers haircuts, color, straightening, extensions, conditioning treatments, etc. Many of our brides continue coming to us long after their wedding day for regular styling and coloring.