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Wedding Hair Trends To Consider

Bridal Hair

A Few Wedding Hair Trends To Consider

As we approach prime wedding season for 2016, we have our eyes on one important part of the bridal look: the hair. After all, when you’re walking down the aisle, you want your mane to look just as gorgeous from the back.

While traditional bridal hairstyles like curls or classic updos will never go out of style, this year’s trends suggest that the modern bride may be ready for some updates. From veil alternatives and bright accessories to more low-key looks, the hottest wedding styles of the year feel fresh, reenergized, and distinctly fun. These are the ones we can expect to see run the show (the ceremony) this year.


As we see more brides depart from tradition, one of the first things to go is the veil. This classic piece is often replaced with hairpieces, such as small tiaras, brocade, or even jewelry. This is a great opportunity to incorporate something significant to you. We suggest looking for a meaningful headpiece, like a family heirloom. An accessory like this often feels classic while still offering a way to update standard wedding traditions.


For 2016 weddings, low-key is the name of the game. Many brides opt for a ponytail — either low or slicked back — to help them keep their hair out of their way during what can be a long, tiring day. If a ponytail feels too casual, try updating it with the addition of braids, flowers, or accessories.

Middle Parts

By now, middle parts have solidified themselves as a retro trend that is definitively “back” and apparently going as strong as ever — thanks in part to models like Kendall Jenner. These influencers have taken the look from childhood school picture day to edgy modern trend. Middle parts work well with a range of styles, including ponytails, updos, waves, and braids. If you’re feeling bold, go with a sleek, fashion-forward look — or, if you’re not quite as comfortable with sleek-hair middle part, use it as a way to step up your classic curls.

Loose Waves

Loose waves have been taking over the hair scene over the past few years and officially transitioned into one of the hottest wedding styles. While traditionalists tend to opt for tighter, more cyclical curls, we believe that this trend is on the outs. By combing through curls or using a wand, you can give classic curls a modern refresh.


If Pinterest die-hards and Instagram influencers can all agree on one thing, it’s the power of a well-executed braid. Braids are a catch-all style that works for virtually every type of wedding. For a casual beach wedding, we suggest going with something loose and wispy, while fishtail braids are well-suited for a bohemian wedding and braided updos work well for more formal events. If your hair isn’t quite textured enough to get the perfect style you’re looking for, try “a bride’s best friend”: clip-in extensions.


If flower crowns were the star of 2015, then floral accessories are the star of 2016. Many modern brides skip the veil — or accentuate it — by placing flowers in their hair, often tucked into an existing style. Flowers can be weaved into braids, worked into updos, bobby-pinned into curls, and even work with the wedding colors or themes to coordinate with the bouquet.


An asymmetrical style — the new-school version of the half-up-half-down classic — can come in many different forms, and works with the hair being left down or put up. This trend is just one of many ways that brides are loosening up when it comes to their day-of hairstyle. Sideswept waves give a nod to old Hollywood glamour, while an off-centered updo maintains the ideal balance between modern style and classic beauty.

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Get the Most Out of Your Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial

Though finding the perfect wedding dress is an essential part of your bridal look, your wedding-day hair and makeup is equally important in creating a flawless finish. And what better way to ensure a look you’ll love than by arranging a hair and makeup trial? However, heading into your makeup trial armed with ideas, inspiration, and questions is essential in getting the most out of your appointment. Here are some tips on how to achieve optimal results from your hair and makeup consultation.

Plan Your Trial Around Your Engagement Photos

Create engagement photos you adore and test your nuptial look on film by scheduling your consult just before your engagement photo shoot. This way, you will be able to see the photos and share them with your makeup artist and hair stylist and see if your look needs any adjusting.

Share Your Inspiration Board

Put together a few photos or a Pinterest board of looks you love. Your ‘natural with a smokey eye’ can be wildly different from your artist’s and photos are the best way to make sure you’re on the same page.

Keep Your Skin Particulars in Mind

Tell your artist beforehand if you have any skin tendencies; for example, if you know your forehead and nose tend to get shiny, it is helpful for your artist to know that so they can use only matte products when doing your trial.

Prepare Your Big Day Touch-Up Kit Ahead of Time

Even the most indestructible hairdos and makeup occasionally succumb to inclement weather or tears, so be sure to assemble a touch-up kit with your makeup artist well before the big day. Ask your artist what they plan to leave you with the day of; most wedding makeup artists will leave clients with a little powder, some q-tips, and the lip color. You don’t want to be stuck on your wedding day with no way to touch up your makeup. Another good advise would be to bring your favorite lipstick to the trial and make sure you have it with you on your wedding so you can always touch up if needed.

Play With Your Look Until You Love It

If at first you don’t succeed, make adjustments or schedule another makeup trial. If you’re not 100 percent happy with the hair or makeup, keep asking for changes until you feel your best. It may feel uncomfortable to ask your artist to change something, but that’s what trials are for! We want to make sure you feel confident and beautiful — even if we have to change the lipstick three times.

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

  • You may know plenty of tips and tricks to apply your makeup for everyday wear, but you’ll find that hiring a pro makeup artist is critical part of your wedding!
  • It takes an artful eye to see the beauty and potential in each face. A pro artist is not only trained to apply flawless, enduring makeup, they are also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the process from detailed wedding day timelines to working with you to create a stunning makeup style that will transcend time.
  • A pro also understands how many different factors can affect your look. For example, makeup for photography is entirely different from everyday makeup. How many times have you seen a bride that just didn’t look quite right in her photos? Maybe her skin was uneven or shiny or her eyes didn’t quite have that ‘pop’. More than likely, the person who did her makeup did not understand how to apply makeup suitable for photography.
  • Your makeup bag is very unlike a pro’s kit. Professional makeup artists know what products to use, where to use them and in what intensity to ensure you look good face to face, as well as in your pictures. They use a wide range of products from vastly different lines to achieve a flawless look. Most products are waterproof and many are suitable for HD film/TV, that means they will last throughout your entire day while still looking and feeling incredibly natural.
  • Education and experience are also key factors. A professional makeup artist has training exclusively in the art of makeup and will have years of experience in the field. Simply because one is a licensed cosmetologist, doesn’t mean one is fully trained in makeup application (most cosmetology schools do not offer much makeup training) or has the experience necessary to provide a perfect application every time.
  • It’s good to have an expert opinion on a day that can be so exciting and emotional. You may be too nervous to apply your makeup properly within the tight time frame of a wedding or portrait session. A pro will take more time and be more purposeful in applying makeup than you would at home; they will come to your location, be punctual and efficient and ensure you are ready with time to spare. Talk about a stress free environment!
  • Behind every beautiful movie star, singer or model, there is a talented and experienced makeup artist working hard to ensure they look great in every picture that is taken. Your wedding is your mini celebrity moment and you should look and feel as amazing as those stars. Hiring a pro makeup artist is one way to guarantee that!
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Working With a Wedding Hairstylist

Working With a Wedding Hairstylist

Working With a Wedding Hairstylist

    A bad hair day on your wedding day is simply not an option, so seek professional help. You may be lucky enough to have a hairstylist who you trust completely, who knows your hair better than anyone else and can create your dream wedding hairstyle. If you don’t, or you are having a destination wedding, well, you’ll simply need do some research. Ask other brides whose hairstyles you’ve admired. Check the local bridal salons in the area. Once you’ve garnered a list of options, it’s time to set up consultations: the only way to determine if a hair stylist is right for you. Skip this step and your wedding look may be more hair-raising than head-turning.

Come Prepared

    When you’re meeting with the wedding hairstylist for the first time, keep in mind that since she doesn’t know your personal tastes, you’ll need to show as well as tell. The best way is to gather photos from magazines that feature hairstyles you like and search wedding hairstyles online. You can even bring pictures of yourself that show the way you want your locks to look, or photos from a friend’s wedding — anything that will give her a hint about what kind of style you’re seeking. Another smart idea: Wear white to your consultation — even a white T-shirt — so that your hair color will be showcased atop the right hue. You should also choose a shirt with a neckline similar to your gown — different hairstyles lend themselves to particular necklines. Once your headpiece is in place, it will make your hairstyle look different, so it’s important to bring it along for the consultations. If it hasn’t arrived yet, ask your bridal salon to loan you a sample. Or bring along a photo, so at least the stylist knows what to expect.

Document It

    Speaking of photos, you’ll want to bring a camera. Once the hairstylist starts manipulating your mane, ask her to photograph each finished look from four different angles — front, back, and both sides. That way, you’ll be able to see how you look from all views, and you’ll get an idea of how the hairstylist’s work translates to photographs. If there’s one particular style you like, ask her to write down exactly which products and techniques were used. Since a wedding consultation can take place months before your actual event, it’s important to keep notes and take pictures so you can both remember what worked. At our studio here at Naples Bridal Beauty we do have a mini photo studio that was created just for that purpose.

Know How to Hire

    Before you hire a hairstylist you need to decide a few things: Do you want her to come to you on your wedding day or would you rather go to the salon? Will she only do you hair or the bridal party’s as well? Do you want her to come and stay with you throughout the day to do touch-ups before the photo session and the ceremony? Discuss these options with your stylist. Of course, how long you hire a professional to stay with you depend on your budget and her time limitations. Once you’ve made the decision to hire, hand over a deposit to save the date, and request a receipt. Professional bridal stylists most of the time have a formal contract, detailing everything that will be done for the big day.

Clock It

    Ensuring a great hair day on your wedding day will all come down to timing — which means you’ll need to schedule your hair appointment at precisely the right moment. Do it too early and your coif could start to look stale just as the festivities are getting started, but if you start hair styling too late you’ll feel rushed. During your hair trial run, time how long it takes to get your mane perfect, then allow that amount of time plus a half an hour of leeway, and schedule your hair appointment for as late as possible. For example, if photos are scheduled to begin at 4, and your hair takes an hour, schedule it for 2:30.

Do the Do

    When the wedding day arrives, put your undergarments on under a button-front shirt so you’ll be ready to slip on your dress when your hair is done and your headpiece and veil are in place. If your stylist is coming to you, make a place for her next to a low table and make sure you have or request (if you are at a hotel) a chair with a low back so she will have easy access to your head. And make sure there are electrical outlets nearby for appliances like hair dryers, curling irons, and electric rollers. Your hair stylist should give you tips for keeping those luscious locks in place throughout the reception. Also, if your veil needs to be removed after the ceremony, ask for a lesson on how to do it. After all, you want to show off that wonderful mane, don’t you?
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Sleep The Night Before Your Wedding

How To Get To Sleep The Night Before Your Wedding Day

    Sleep: we all need it, but sometimes, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. The night before your wedding, your mind is bound to be buzzing with thoughts, worries, excitement, preventing you from nodding off. But, a lack of sleep can mean dark circles, puffy eyes and skin dullness, not ideal for your wedding day. Here are our top tips for getting the best night’s sleep before your wedding day:

Make a Bedtime Ritual

    In the lead-up to your wedding, start doing exactly the same thing before bed every night, like removing your eye makeup before you clean your teeth. Or, having a cup of soothing tea after slipping into your pajamas.

Eat a Light Evening Meal

    Eat easily digestible food. A light, high protein, low carb meal is perfect. Oily fish might also be a good option as it’s high in Omega-3, which can help regulate the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin – brain chemicals that are directly involved in sleep regulation.

Take a Supplement

    Try a supplement in the lead up to your wedding. Try Lumity, a four-week supply of morning and night time capsules rich in flaxseed oil, with a whole host of health benefits including a high toxicity of Omega-3, promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. Brides engagement editor Alyson Lowe found it really helped her quality of sleep. ‘I woke up in the morning feeling more rested than usual; I sometimes suffer from spurts of bad sleep, and this hasn’t happened since I started taking Lumity’ she says.

Avoid Technology Before You Sleep

    Avoid your phone. It may be tricky to control those last minute texts with your maids or florist, but switching any screen off 45 minutes before you want to fall asleep, will allow you to switch off from the stimulant of your screen’s blue light.

Have a Bath

    Set an hour aside for a soak. A warm bath filled with aromatherapy crystals will help ease pre-wedding anxieties.

Control Your Room Temperature

    If you’re staying in a hotel room the night before your wedding, make sure that the room temperature is just right, so don’t go mad with the air conditioning. The best sleep is achieved in a room with a temperature between 64-68 F.

Scent Your Bedroom

    Prepare your bedding with natural cotton bedlinen and soothing scents. Avoid synthetic materials as they will keep the heat and the moisture trapped.

Set a Deadline

    Allow yourself 15 minutes to get to sleep, and if you haven’t nodded off yet, get up and do something. Mindless activities like dusting or cleaning the windows don’t require deep thinking or noisy, so are not too stimulating for the brain. It might be tempting to add finishing touches to favors, but anything to do with your wedding will likely trigger those pre-wedding nerves.Ultimately, it’s all about relaxation. Learn how you relax, and chances are you’ll have a much more restful night and be a pro at getting to sleep.