When I Learned From THE MASTER

September 11, 2016 Laura Vlad

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    As an artist, you always search and admire beautiful work in your field. And this is how one day, some time ago, I saw this “piece of art” that I couldn’t believe a human being have done it. A blend of art, perfection and preciseness, so sculptural that I needed to find out right away who was the master of such beauty. He is 2-time World Champion On Hairdressing ArtGeorgy Kot of Russia.

    Ever since, I was eagerly following his work on all social media sites, dreaming that maybe one day I will have the chance to meet and learn from him.

    In the summer of 2016 my dream came true. The artist was coming to the United States for the first time to teach a 3-day hands-on class in New York City. I did not think twice and I got myself a seat into his class. The techniques and basic rules of hairstyling art that I have learned are unmatchable with any other of the classes that I have taken. The curling iron is not used anyhow just to achieve some curls or waves. There is a rule in everything, the way you hold the tool, the way you over-direct or elevate the hair strand, the angles and placement of each and every element of the updo has a crucial importance in order to enhance even more the facial features of your model.

   I feel extremely fortunate that I had the chance to experience and learn from an artist with such a level of knowledge and talent and I am very pleased to be able to apply into my work all that I have learned from the master – Georgy Kot