Wedding Hair Trends To Consider

October 24, 2016 Laura Vlad

Bridal Hair

A Few Wedding Hair Trends To Consider

As we approach prime wedding season for 2016, we have our eyes on one important part of the bridal look: the hair. After all, when you’re walking down the aisle, you want your mane to look just as gorgeous from the back.

While traditional bridal hairstyles like curls or classic updos will never go out of style, this year’s trends suggest that the modern bride may be ready for some updates. From veil alternatives and bright accessories to more low-key looks, the hottest wedding styles of the year feel fresh, reenergized, and distinctly fun. These are the ones we can expect to see run the show (the ceremony) this year.


As we see more brides depart from tradition, one of the first things to go is the veil. This classic piece is often replaced with hairpieces, such as small tiaras, brocade, or even jewelry. This is a great opportunity to incorporate something significant to you. We suggest looking for a meaningful headpiece, like a family heirloom. An accessory like this often feels classic while still offering a way to update standard wedding traditions.


For 2016 weddings, low-key is the name of the game. Many brides opt for a ponytail — either low or slicked back — to help them keep their hair out of their way during what can be a long, tiring day. If a ponytail feels too casual, try updating it with the addition of braids, flowers, or accessories.

Middle Parts

By now, middle parts have solidified themselves as a retro trend that is definitively “back” and apparently going as strong as ever — thanks in part to models like Kendall Jenner. These influencers have taken the look from childhood school picture day to edgy modern trend. Middle parts work well with a range of styles, including ponytails, updos, waves, and braids. If you’re feeling bold, go with a sleek, fashion-forward look — or, if you’re not quite as comfortable with sleek-hair middle part, use it as a way to step up your classic curls.

Loose Waves

Loose waves have been taking over the hair scene over the past few years and officially transitioned into one of the hottest wedding styles. While traditionalists tend to opt for tighter, more cyclical curls, we believe that this trend is on the outs. By combing through curls or using a wand, you can give classic curls a modern refresh.


If Pinterest die-hards and Instagram influencers can all agree on one thing, it’s the power of a well-executed braid. Braids are a catch-all style that works for virtually every type of wedding. For a casual beach wedding, we suggest going with something loose and wispy, while fishtail braids are well-suited for a bohemian wedding and braided updos work well for more formal events. If your hair isn’t quite textured enough to get the perfect style you’re looking for, try “a bride’s best friend”: clip-in extensions.


If flower crowns were the star of 2015, then floral accessories are the star of 2016. Many modern brides skip the veil — or accentuate it — by placing flowers in their hair, often tucked into an existing style. Flowers can be weaved into braids, worked into updos, bobby-pinned into curls, and even work with the wedding colors or themes to coordinate with the bouquet.


An asymmetrical style — the new-school version of the half-up-half-down classic — can come in many different forms, and works with the hair being left down or put up. This trend is just one of many ways that brides are loosening up when it comes to their day-of hairstyle. Sideswept waves give a nod to old Hollywood glamour, while an off-centered updo maintains the ideal balance between modern style and classic beauty.