The Hottest Wedding Hair Trend Of 2016

July 26, 2016 Laura Vlad

    As summer approaches, weddings multiply Whether you’re tying the knot yourself, participating in someone else ceremony, or simply attending, you’re going to to need a great dress, soft makeup, and a pretty style that holds up from aisle-walk to bouquet-toss. Traditional wedding styles, flouncy curls, stiff updos, and piled ringlets, can feel dated and oppressive, but the usual beach waves or French braid don’t really match a formal gown. How do you look fancy while still feeling stylish?

Well, here are some examples from the new trend of 2016:

  • Flowers: from flower crowns to single blooms, fresh blossoms are a big trend this summer. Splurge on the real thing instead of opting for silk and you’ll look fresh and cool. Ask the florist to leave stems long so you have something to pin.
  • Ponytails: It may seem like a ponytail is too casual for a wedding, but with a smooth finish and a little volume in the crown a ponytail can look both sophisticated and modern.
  • Asymmetry: This trend can be applied to all sorts of looks from side swept curls to braided updos. Shifting the weight to one side of the head gives traditional styles a surprising twist.