Wedding Hair & Makeup: Guide for Every Bride

July 26, 2016 Laura Vlad

“Some people have a hard time seeing the art in hair & makeup artistry and would prefer to save on the cost of their wedding hair and makeup.”

    It has been a long journey planning your wedding and I know you are exhausted. It is finally time for your hair and makeup team. But a big part of your budget has been poured into the caterers, the flowers, the cake, the gown, and those cute little napkin holders. While all these things are very important, I would say it is absolutely crucial for you to look your best. Not only is the bride the main attraction at any wedding, but the photos will last forever. And what is it that you are going to see first? The beautiful napkin holders or the way you looked? I have seen too many brides cut corners on their hair and makeup in an effort to save money. I cannot understand the reason behind not investing in this important aspect of your day. There is no doubt that all eyes will be on you. If everything regarding the planning of your wedding it turns out perfect, but one, I’m convinced you wouldn’t want it to be your hair or makeup.

    So the question is, how do you get the look you want for the price you are expecting?

    Contact the hair and makeup artists you have in mind as soon as you start planning for the wedding. Have them work with you while you are building your budget. Avoid calling them only after you have destroyed your entire budget on that Vera Wang wedding gown and those Christian Louboutin pumps expecting them to cut their rates to the cheapest amount possible.

    Be realistic on prices. The upfront quote you get from an artist might seem like a lot at first; however, there is much more that goes into your hair and makeup than you think. On average we spend a total of seven to ten hours with a bride. We have multiple conversations preparing for the wedding day. We prepare the look together and make sure she is happy with it, three to five weeks in advance. In the end you are paying for much more than the designing of your hair and makeup application. You are paying for the time involved in creating your perfect wedding look, traveling to your venue/returning, setting up a mini hair and makeup studio just for you in your bridal suite, repacking, cleaning and sterilizing all the products used for the next client.

    Some people have a hard time seeing the art in hair & makeup artistry and would prefer to save on the cost of their wedding hair and makeup. But if you value your look on your big day in front of your guests and in your pictures, then investing in this essential component of your wedding is a must. Doing your research is an important part of the process. Usually, the more experienced the artists are, the bigger the price tag for their services. Newer artists tend to be cheaper, but experience speaks for itself.